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New Leads in JFK Assassination Research

Initially the clash between the medical evidence presented by then Lieutenant Commander James J. Humes and the amateur motion picture films of the fatal head shot raised serious doubts about the Warren Commission's explanation of the assassination. These doubts grew during the late sixties and the late seventies as the medical panels disputed Humes' placement of the entry wound of the head and the orientation of the back wound. A review of the assassination records during the late nineties affirmed without resolving these earlier conflicts. Now, half a century after the assassination, serious students cannot with certainty state where the bullet entered the head and whether the longer axis of the back wound had a longitudinal orientation as described by Humes or had a transverse orientation as reported by the later medical panel.

Public Sector Activities

The flow of the same persons between public and private housing in the immediate vicinity of the public schools of Queens in New York City and retention of their former telephone numbers when permitted by their movements suggest that these people were public school employees.

C-V Analysis and Applications of Hyperabrupt Varactor Tuning Diodes

The abrupt space charge approximation is employed to calculate the C-V characteristics of hyperabrupt varactor diodes. This work reveals a potential arising from the concentration gradient of the retrograde profile which is between several times and an order of magnitude larger than the neglected contact potential.

These pages discuss design of varactors for linear frequency-voltage, linear phase-voltage or tuning with minimal phase noise and explore synthesis of the required profiles by the then available and less than desirable means of multiple diffusion. The maximally-flat and the optimal approximations are used to design voltage-adjustable capacitive networks for these specialized applications.

Revisiting Pythagorean Triples

A Pythagorean triple is a right triangle whose sides are integers. Every triple with a hypotenuse of c and sides a and b has an infinite number of similar triples with a hypotenuse of mc and sides ma and mb, where m is any positive integer. This study is primarily concerned with the reduced Pythagorean triples for which m equals one.

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